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Wynn’s® Friction Proofing™

Wynn’s® Friction Proofing™

Wynn’s® Professional Formula Friction Proofing™ has been formulated to help reduce friction & wear. It has been used for over 70 years in everyday automotive applications. Wynn’s® Friction Proofing™ is our flagship product & it is incorporated into a range of our Wynn’s® products. Wynn’s® Friction Proofing™ improves lubrication, keeps the lubricating system clean & reduces friction between moving parts. It is used to enhance the package of detergents, dispersants, oxidation inhibitors, polymers & anti-wear additives found in engine oil, either at an oil change or to revitalise the oil between changes. Wynn’s® Friction Proofing™ will not thicken oil at high or low temperatures. Wynn’s® Friction Proofing™ has been professionally designed to be a multi-purpose crankcase additive that can be used in new & old engines, including petrol, diesel & LPG fuelled.

Part Number 61810 - 325ml


  • Reduces friction & wear.
  • Penetrates & bonds to metal surfaces.
  • Reduces oil oxidation & premature thickening.
  • Improves protection against, rust, corrosion, sludge & varnishing.
  • Suitable for petrol, diesel & LPG car engines.
  • Improves cold starting.
  • Protects engine at start-up.
  • Protects engine during extreme conditions.

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Wynn’s® Friction Proofing™

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Wynn’s® Friction Proofing™